- The Long Road Home
  The Long Road Home
Ernie Watts
(c) 1996 JVC

We all begin our lives in simple innocence, knowing deep down that all is good and all is love, we are home. Life's journey begins. Somehow, somewhere along the way we realize that life has become very complex and filled with all sorts of fear and doubt. When darkness surrounds us, we become lost on our journey. The memory of our simple essence begins to call and we begin our journey back home. Most of us spend the majority of our lives trying to get back home. It can be a very circuitous route, but I believe, we all eventually get there.

This Music is a reflection of my personal journey to date.

Good luck on your journey. We're all on "The Long Road Home."

Ernie Watts

This music is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my friend and teacher Bill Green.

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 Track Listing
1. Lover Man 7:50
2. At The End Of My Rope 6:45
3. River Of Light 7:09
4. Nostalgia In Times Square 4:46
5. Bird's Idea 4:51
6. The Long Road Home 5:40
7. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 5:57
8. Willow Weep For Me 7:00
9. Moonlight and Shadows 5:11
• Ernie Watts - Saxophones
• Kenny Barron - Acoustic Piano
• Reggie Workman - Acoustic Bass
• Mark Whitfield - Electric Guitar
• Carmen Lundy - Vocal