- To The Point
  To The Point
Ernie Watts Quartet
Flying Dolphin Records (c)2008

Listen to track 5, and you will hear a clear, succinct description of
why this album is called ‘To The Point’. Ernie’s life in music has led
him to a certain point where he has realized who he is in relationship
to jazz, a ‘point of truth’ that many people reach in their lives about
that which matters to them most. All the other musicians here have
reached that point as well, and this shows in the music, which was
recorded live at the Jazz Bakery. Most pieces are Watts originals,
with one classic, Hot House by Tadd Dameron, and one brand-new
original by pianist Jon Mayer, Nightscape. This quartet has nearly
20 years together. The clarity and beauty that creates, added to the
fire-of-the-moment recording live, brings this music to the perfect point.

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 Track Listing
1. Hot House 8:32
2. Season of Change 9:08
3. Intro 0:49
4. For Michael 9:52
5. Intro/Music Statement 1:42
6. To The Point 11:29
7. Road Shoes 7:57
8. Intro 0:18
9. Nightscape 6:04
10 Reaching Up 10:50
• Ernie Watts - Saxophones
• David Witham - Piano
• Bruce Lett- Bass
• Bob Leatherbarrow- Drums